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Proclaiming The Truth Through Music & The Word

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Welcome to Heart of the Arts Evangelistic Association, a ministry with a legacy of over three decades in preparing a people for the coming of the Lord!

Matranga Ministries International, Inc. was founded in 1983 primarily as a music and evangelistic outreach ministry. For over thirty years we have been reaching the nations through music, missions and world evangelism. Heart of the Arts was initially the music division of the ministry. Today, we have merged all branches of the ministry under one central name: Heart of the Arts Evangelistic Association. And with, one definitive theme: Proclaiming the truth through music and the word!




Early in ministry, George Matranga recognized a lack of consecration within the ranks of the Christian Music ministry and industry.

God gave George a deep yearning to raise a standard of truth and righteousness for the honor of God.



As a young minister, George didn’t just want to attend church but be the part of the church that seeks and saves the lost. He wanted to be on the front lines – a Commando for Jesus. That’s just what he did. He formed a street team and went to the streets of Houston and beyond. Not only did they go to the highways and byways but to the beaches as well.



George has a love to write: whether penning songs, messages, articles, pamphlets or tracts, he desires to use his pen for the Master’s use. The Ready Writer is the prophetic word publication for the ministry. The ministry’s action news publication became the Notes From The Heart newsletter.



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