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About Us

George Matranga

George J Matranga


George was a professional touring musician and entertainer for many years before coming to know Jesus Christ in a miraculous way. His music manager was gloriously saved and planted seeds that eventually led to George’s salvation. After his conversion, George dedicated his gifts and talents to the Lord vowing to live and sing only for Him. Today, he continues to keep that promise both nationally and abroad.

Tammie Matranga

Tammie S Matranga


Tammie has known and loved the Lord from her early childhood. Her deep love for Jesus is evident in her role of both wife and mother. Tammie is the epitome of strength and true conviction combined with tenderness and mercy. Her husband, George, calls her his tender flower with strong roots. Tammie not only supports George, founder of Heart of the Arts Evangelistic Association, but also serves as the ministry’s office administrator. She also oversees the finance and database department. It is important to her that these duties are done with the utmost integrity so that the honor of the Lord is upheld.

Jessica Victoria

Jessica M Victoria


I have been blessed to be a part of Matranga Ministries Inc. for over twenty-five years. It is truly my “home” ministry.  I came to know my Lord and Saviour through the outreaches of this ministry.  I got saved as a teenager at  The Shepherd’s Door Christian Outreach.   I longed for the teaching of God’s Word and the fellowship of believers.  Later, I became a volunteer in the church office.  I could always drop by after school or work.