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Jessica Victoria

Jessica  M Victoria – Editor

I have been blessed to be a part of Matranga Ministries Inc. for over twenty-five years. It is truly my “home” ministry.  I came to know my Lord and Saviour through the outreaches of this ministry.  I got saved as a teenager at  The Shepherd’s Door Christian Outreach.   I longed for the teaching of God’s Word and the fellowship of believers.  Later, I became a volunteer in the church office.  I could always drop by after school or work.  There was always work to be done:  feeding the less fortunate; gang violence intervention; music ministry; praise and worship rehearsal; street preaching; youth ministry, food pantry, passing out tracts and the list goes on.  Throughout my course, I have served as Youth Director and Board of Advisor.   It was even discovered that I had a nitch for editing.

I have been involved in editing manuscripts and newsletters for the ministry ever since.  These publications uplift Our King and calls The Saints to walk close to Him.  What a gift and an honor to be affiliated with The Matrangas and this ministry.  In these times, we all need the boldness of ministers to hold fast to The Truth of God’s Word. We all perceive but God perfects. And we need not let our perceptions guide and influence us against His perfect will for us.

One of my most humbling experience is medical missions.  Over the years, I travelled and served with medical missions abroad as well as local outreaches.  This experience fueled my passion for the medical field.  I have since worked in varying capacities  as a Medical Office Manager.  Currently, I am honored to also serve as a Board Director to this ministry.  I am the extremely proud mother of three absolute blessings: Jonathan, Jaica and Joshua.  In all that I do I strive to do in excellence unto the Lord.  He is most faithful beyond our circumstances or our limitations.  Trust in Jesus.  Minister His love at all times, especially with the unspoken word:  our unedited lifestyle.