Heart of the arts evangelistic association
A ministry of Matranga Ministries International, Inc.

Proclaiming The Truth Through Music & The Word


Early in ministry, George Matranga recognized a lack of consecration within the ranks of the Christian Music ministry and industry. Coming out of the secular world, George experienced first-hand the depths of depravity in the music industry. Believing Christian artists are to be different; God gave George a deep yearning to raise a standard of truth and righteousness for the honor of God.

Heart of the Arts was birthed from a revelation of Matthew 23:19, “Ye fools and blind for whether is greater, the gift, or the altar that sanctifieth the gift?” From this scripture came the prophetic word that launched the ministry: “When the heart of the artist is consecrated to the Lord, then his gift will be sanctified for the use of the Lord.”

The vision of Heart Of The Arts is to bring the heart of the artist to the altar of consecration ― aiming at the heart of the artist. Our purpose is to set a standard of truth and righteousness within the music ministry and industry. Our aim is to seek the heart of the Father and to magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for His glory and honor. Heart of the Arts is an artistic outreach ministry which boldly proclaims the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with an uncompromising commitment to skill, excellence and moral integrity. “If I forgot you O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her skill.”

“The KHCB Radio Network has been playing George Matranga’s music for many years. George’s songs are Biblically based and his music will lead you in worship into the Lord’s presence. George’s love for His Lord and Savior shines through in every song. You will soon be singing your ballad to the King.”

Bonnie BeMent
Music Director/Assistant General Manager KHCB Radio Network
Houston, TX

The Star

The Star is a Christmas single power ballad. Finally, “The Star” fills this world of music with a prophetic song of life and hope looking to the soon return of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

About A Man Called Jesus

Wherever I sing the song, “A Man Called Jesus”, it has a profound impact on the hearts of those who hear it. In every city and on every continent that I have ministered, that song is singled out above all the rest. On the mission field in Croatia, I felt the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit say that He wanted ”A Man Called Jesus” recorded and sung in every language on earth before the Lord’s return.

This album is a musical portraiture of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each song portrays an essence of His character and the entire collection paints a portrait of who He is. This man called Jesus is: the Lord our refuge, the Possessor of eternity, the Lord our praise, the Lord of lords, the Lord our righteousness, the Song of songs, the Joy of our salvation, the God of mercy, and the Treasure in God’s people.

About Ballads for the King

This album is dedicated to the honor of God the Father and to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. We continue in the vision of Heart of the Arts to paint a musical portraiture of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each song portrays an essence of His character and the entire collection paints a portrait of who He is. He is Jesus: our rock, our praise, rich in mercy, full of grace, the One who protects, and our continual feast.