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George Matranga has been in the Christian music ministry and industry for over 30 years. After two national releases under Heart Of The Art Records, George wanted to build his own studio. “I was mentored by my long-time friend and producer, Mike Vanlangendonck,” says Matranga, “You see, I had always been a singer/songwriter on the other side of the mic.” “Now I had to learn to produce and engineer behind the console.” “I couldn’t have done it without Mike’s help.” “Today, the studio is a hybrid of digital technology and analog hardware, in other words, we mix ‘outside-the-box’ using digital plug-ins and outboard gear through an analog console.” “Our vision for the studio is to help God’s servant-artists, I call ‘Evangel-Artists’, achieve their musical dreams and get a professional, air-quality recording at a fraction of the cost.”

About Our Studio

About Our Equipment

Studio Name: Heart Of The Art Studios

Type: Private Christian Project Studio – By appointment only

Producer/Engineer: George J. Matranga

Latest Projects: “Better Late Than Never” – Larry “Lorenzo” Campanello

Consoles: Mackie 32.8 Bus Analog Recording Console

Interfaces: Digidesign Digi 002 Rack, MIDI I/O

AD/DA: Behringer Ultramatch Pro SRC 2496, Ultragain Pro-8 Digital ADA8000

Computers: Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon (8 Core) 2.26 GHz, 16 GB memory, (2) 640 internal hard drives, 1 TB internal back up hard drive, 1 TB extra drive, (2) SuperDrives

DAW: Avid Pro Tools 10.3.10, 11, 12

Recording Hardware: Alesis Masterlink ML-9600, Sony Minidisk Deck MDS-JE510

Storage: EZQuest 200 GB external drive

Software/plug-ins: Sibelius 7 First, Toast 14 Titanium, Antares: Auto-Tune 7, Harmony Engine Evo, Various Avox 4 Plug-ins, Waves Musicians Bundle I & 2, Renaissance Max, True Verb, Sound Shifter, Ampeg SVX UNO, AmpliTude 3 & 4, East West Play, Sample Tank 2.5 SE & 3, Yellow Tools Independence 2.5.4, Engine, Eventide UltraChannel, iZotope RX 5 & Ozone 7, Melodyne Studio 4, Native Instruments: Driver, Guitar Rig 5, Konkakt 5, Reaktor 5, Supercharger, Softube Saturation Knob, Spectrasonics Trilian Bass, T-RackS CS, Toontrack Ezdrummer, Superior Drummer 2.0, Sound Toys, Plugin Alliance, Slate Digital, Digi Rack Bomb Factory Plug-ins, various sound libraries & more

Synths/modules: Roland RD-600, Roland Fantom XR Rack, Korg Triton-Rack & TR-Rack, Yamaha Motif-Rack XS

Drum Modules: Roland TD-20X Percussion Sound Module, Alesis ControlPad

Guitar Modules: Avid Eleven Rack, Rocktron Chameleon, Digitech GSP 2101

Instruments: Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, Epiphone PR 5E/B acoustic, Peavey Midi Bass

Amplification: Fender Princeton Chorus, Fender SFX Keyboard 200 amp, Crate BX-50 Bass amp

Mics: Neumann U 87, AKG C-414 B-XL II, D 140 E, Shure SM-57

Preamps/EQ: Universal Audio 2-610, Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DEQ 2496

Dynamics/Compressors: Art Pro VLA, Pro VLA II, DBX 166XS, Alesis 3630

Effects: Lexicon MPX 1 & PCM 80, T.C. Electronics M-One

Room/Sound Treatment: Auralex Acoustics, gobos

Power Conditioning: Furman PL-8, M-8L, RP-8

Monitors: KRK Rokit 8, KRK Rokit 10 sub-woofer

Headphones: Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL HA 4700 headphone amp, Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs, AKG K44 (3), Shure SRH840


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Private Project Recording Studio- By Appointment Only

Christian Music or Content Only

Specializing in the single artist/ songwriter/ instrumentalist

Professional Demos to Full Production

Voice Overs & Audio Books

For appointments & rates, please call 281.534.3533 or email hota@heartofthearts.org

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Greg Ariah
This Journey



Mitch Robbins
Top Secret Productions


Larry Campanello



Jerry Robinson